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Alastair Mackenzie, chairman103. 4
Alex Thomson83.59
Alison Spencer MacPherson80.3
Annual General Meeting66.39
Annual General Meeting 200469.9
Bob Izatt (803) 90. 37
Christmas Social evening 2012. A excellent film show by Panamint Film 96. 25
Christopher Spalding87.37
David Campbell 1930-200575.4
December 2004 Meeting 72.15
Donald Whyte JP, FSA(SCOT)88.57
Dorothy Bell99. 26
Dr Alexander McConnell Hall84.59
Dr Arthur Jamieson of Barnach79.54-55
Dr J Bruce Irving74.19
Festive Heirlooms night99. 34
General Information89. 41-44
GWSFHS Library Additions - Fasti Seceder Ministers ordained in Ireland 1746-194899.49
GWSFHS Library Additions- General Assembly of the Presbyterian church of Ireland 99.49 
GWSFHS Library Additions List Sept-December 201090.41
HMS Martin87.44
Info on the society's Twitter account103.39
Isobel Regan Biggerstaff 96. 28
James Johnston97. 49
Janet Waters, volunteer103. 4
Joe Fisher, a society fouder member89. 59
List of doners to the Library100.49
Mabel Wyllie86.12
Research Service Reminder72.14
Rosemary E. Craig97. 49
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