A lively Newsletter is published three times a year (October, March and June) and includes summaries of talks given at meetings, book reviews, articles, queries and members’ surname interests, letters etc. Members queries are free of charge in the newsletter.

The research computers in the research centre all have the complete Newsletters issues 37 to the current issue installed in a fully searchable computerised format. Visitors to the Research Centre can find, for instance, every occurrence of the word 'Macgregor' or 'shipbuilding' anywhere in the entire Newsletter collection for this period at the click of a button. See also Newsletter Index below.

The Editor welcomes contributions from members for possible inclusion in the Newsletter. Articles etc. to:
The Editor.

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Peter Ruthven-Murray presents the first prize to John Howarth

Peter Ruthven-Murray presents the first prize to John Howarth for best newsletter at the SAFHS Conference 2005.


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