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Finding Gerhallow and Begatting a Website

In 1907 Neil Munro, perhaps better remembered for his stories about Parahandy and the crew of The Vital Spark, published a book ‘The Clyde - River and Firth’. Opening his chapter on The Cowal Shore he wrote:-

‘Looking, on a winter night, from Gourock, Levanne, or the Cloch, across the Firth to the further hills, whose masses are indicated in the darkness only by the break of their silhouettes among the thickly-sprinkled stars, you realise, as you scarcely can by daylight, some of the sentiment, that the Lowlands, where you stand, must have felt of old, fronting that barrier of cold sounding sea which cut them off from the mystery and danger of the Highland world.’

I had returned to Scotland in the summer of 2002 with some place names from copies of old records, places of birth and of marriage. I had found the two most important on my current ordnance survey map at the head of Holy Loch. Orchard where ‘John Gilmour and Isabel Maclougass in Orchyard…’ had a son baptized in 1747 and Dalinlongart where this son, Duncan Gilmour, fathered numerous offspring by his first wife Mary Mackinlay and then in the new century by his second Cathren McKeller. I am a descendant of the first marriage and John and Isabel were my five times great grandparents. As there are no siblings to be found in the Old Parish Records of Dunoon and Kilmun perhaps it is reasonable to speculate that Duncan was their last child, born just two years after the Second Jacobite Rebellion. Glancing back to the Neil Munro passage quoted above they seem to emerge from this forbidding earlier world in the rather scrawled two lines in the Old Parish Register.

I do remember my great grandfather Duncan Gilmour in Sheffield - just. He was born in 1851 in Ireland almost certainly like his siblings in Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire). He seemed formidably old to me but then I was only five years old at the time. He was a successful Sheffield brewer and Gilmour’s beers and the old pubs which served them are remembered wistfully by real ale specialists and the collectors of pub memorabilia.

Duncan’s father, also Duncan, was born to yet another Duncan Gilmour and his wife Anne Turner in 1816.  In the OPR he was described as a cotter in North Gerhallow and this was the name I couldn’t find on my map. On consulting the 1841 census in Dunoon Library the conversation I was having with my son about this elusive location was interrupted by a voice saying ‘Did I hear you say Gerhallow?’ Well the response to my affirmative is what I call ‘genealogist’s serendipity’ or sometimes simply ‘pure gold’.  ‘I can tell you where it is because I live there’, said  Margaret White who lives at Bullwood, and she informed us that Gerhallow had been situated in the woods behind Bullwood.  Later the same day her neighbour, another Margaret, walked up the hill with us to show the old remnants of this earlier occupation. I am eternally grateful to them both.

With the help of the useful map of parishes in Bute and Argyll which our Society distributes, I saw that the Old Parochial baptismal records for Dunoon and Kilmun were only extant from 1744 and those for marriages from 1742 and therefore realised that I was at something of an impasse. So I started to piece together a lot of information which I already had and was still accumulating, to produce a picture of the various strands of descendancy. Who were these members of my family starting from more than 250 years ago, where did they get to and how did the enormous changes they were about to experience affect their lives and where they lived. The ongoing research can now be found on the web at www.tamarvalley.org/bone * and it is arranged as a series of descendancy charts, with appropriate links, from the birth of the first Duncan in 1747 and fanning out to deaths in the 1950s. It covers family movements to Inveraray, Bute, Greenock, Glasgow, Ireland, England, India and finally to Australia, from where two entirely separate branches of the family have been added. To help the reader with the changes of surname on marriage I have prepared two tables for this article which summarise these, with details of birth where known, and of course date and place of marriage. Apart from hoping to find further branches, it may be possible to increase the scope of the site by undertaking the listing of the antecedents of both males and females marrying into these descendancies by adding any further information readers may have. To this end any contributions are very welcome and I would like to acknowledge the help I have already received from members of my extended family who have contacted me since I set up the site.

Something else arose from my reading of Neil Munro’s book. He wrote that he had seen an estate map of the Ballochyle Estate on which Dalinlongart was situated, and as it happens drew a somewhat erroneous conclusion from it. However I eventually tracked it down in the National Archives of Scotland and obtained a scan. It is a survey map dated 1819 which amongst other detail, identifies the location and buildings at ‘Upper and Under Dalilongard’. The adjacent land of Orchard is indicated but of course not surveyed. On asking a member of NAS staff to look up the catalogue reference of this plan so I could order it, she mistakenly read out to me the next reference in the catalogue. Imagine my surprise when she read out the title of a Survey Map dated 1814 of the Orchard Farm. Now that is what I mean by genealogist’s serendipity or pure gold.

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MALES MARRYING THE GILMOUR DESCENDANCIES AS SHOWN Marriages involve a Gilmour unless indicated otherwise MALE SURNAMES Ballantyne, Bartholomew, Callander, Cameron, Campbell, Cartwright, Clark, Cook, Dawson, Gibson, Hill, Hogarth, Kerr, McKellar, McLaren, McLennan, McNiel, (and variations) McCrae, Mitchell, Munro, Murphy, Osbourne, Stoddart, Taylor, Turner, Walters, White JOHN GILMOUR & ISABEL MACLOUGASS                         Born                     Married McNIEL, John          Kilmodan                 1814 Dunoon DUNCAN GILMOUR & CATHREN McKELLER                         Born                     Married BARTHOLOMEW, William             c.1862                     1891 Partick TAYLOR, J.                                     Cumbrae?                                                BARTHOLOMEW                                                Taylor CAMERON, Robert     c.1868    Widower          1903 Glasgow COOK, Finlay                                   1938                                                Clydebank McLENNAN, James       1842 West Greenock       1867                                                Greenock CALLANDER, John       1859 Penpont,Dumfries    1887 Kilmun DONALD GILMOUR & MARY McVICAR                         Born                     Married TURNER, Dugald        1812                       Kilchrenan & Dalavich    1844                                                Inveraray CAMPBELL, Duncan      1845 Inveraray           1871                                                Inveraray                                                TURNER                                                Campbell KERR, John                                     1903 Glasgow                                                CAMPBELL                                                Kerr MURPHY, John                                   ?Inveraray                                                TURNER                                                Murphy BALLANTYNE, Robert                             1894 Glasgow MUNRO, Martin         1818 Inveraray           1845                                                Inveraray MITCHELL, Hugh                                 1856                                                Greenock CLARK, Donald                                  1927 Glasgow OSBOURNE, Robert    c.1859  Widower            1913                                                Inveraray GIBSON, John        c.1892                     1922                                                Inveraray JOHN McNIEL & CHRISTIAN GILMOUR                         Born                     Married McKELLAR, John                                 1839                                                Kilmodan                                                McNIEL                                                McKellar McLAREN, James        1831                     1871 Glasgow                                                McKELLAR                                                McLaren HILL, William Frederick                        1915 Partick                                                McNEILL                                                Hill STODDART, Andrew McDonald       1891                     1913 Partick                                                McNEILL                                                Stoddart DUNCAN GILMOUR & ELIZA WILLARD                         Born                     Married DAWSON, Frederick William     1868 Leeds               1897                                                Sheffield MARY GILMOUR & DONALD CLARK                         Born                     Married CLARK, Donald       c.1805 Arrochar            1836 Dunoon WHITE, Peter          1839 Kilfinan            1863 Dunoon                                                CLARK                                                White HOGARTH, John         1860 West Kilbride       1888                                                North Bute                                                WHITE                                                Hogarth CARTWRIGHT, James   c.1882                     1902 Dunoon                                                WHITE                                                Cartwright McCRAE,?  George Whyte        c.1890                     1926 Dunoon                                                CLARK                                                McRae? WALTERS,  Richard Wilfred     c.1883                     1910 Dunoon                                                CLARK                                                Walters
FEMALES MARRYING THE GILMOUR DESCENDANCIES AS SHOWN Marriages involve a Gilmour unless indicated otherwise FEMALE SURNAMES Anderson, Bruce, Buchanan, Campbell, Clark, Craig, Dick, Findlay, Gemmell, Inglis, Glass, Hally, Leitch, Lennie, Lewis, Maitland, McEwen, McGilp, McKay, McKellar, McKeller, McKenzie, Mackinlay, Maclougass, McNeilage, McNiel, (and variations) McVicar, Miller, Millegan, Mitchell, Morrison, Muldoon, Munro, Murray, Nicol, Paterson, Paxton, Roper, Saunderson, Scott, Sharp, Smith, Stevenson, Toyne, Turner, Wallace, Waterson, White, Willard JOHN GILMOUR & ISABEL MACLOUGASS                         Born                     Married MACLOUGASS, Isabel   before 1747 MACKINLAY,Mary                                 1776 Dunoon McVICAR, Mary         ? Inveraray              1808 Dunoon TURNER, Anne (Agnes)  1794 Greenock Middle     1816 Dunoon McKELLER, Cathren                              1800                                                Greenock DUNCAN GILMOUR & CATHREN McKELLER                         Born                     Married McNEILAGE, Mary                                1828 Dunoon MILLER, Sarah       c.1821 Carrick             1845 Dunoon McKAY, Mary           1842 Glasgow             1862 Dunoon PATERSON, Mary                                 1904 Strone MILLEGAN, Elizabeth                            1874 Poona                                                Bengal MITCHELL, Anne (Agnes)1799 Strachur            1830                                                Stralachlan STEVENSON, Mary     c.1881                     1908                                              Old Kilpatrick CAMPBELL, Margaret                             1919                                                Dunbarton MORRISON, Jenny     c.1878                     1902                                                Greenock                                                McLENNAN                                                Morrison SCOTT, Susan Andrews  1886                     1912 Dunoon                                                McLENNAN                                                Scott BUCHANAN, Annie                                1920’s?                                                MCLENNAN                                                 Buchanan CLARK, Mary                                    1830’s                                                Dunoon? McKENZIE, Janet     c.1822 Roseneath,          1856                            Dunbarton           Roseneath LENNIE, Mary                                   1850 Dunoon                                                GILMOUR                                                Lennie                                                1874                                                Gourock                                                LENNIE                                                Flett DONALD GILMOUR & MARY McVICAR                         Born                     Married McGILP, Mary        c.1858                     1882 Glasgow                                                TURNER                                                McGilp MUNRO, Mary (Lilly) c.1826 Kilmichael          1845                                                Inveraray LEITCH, Anne (Annie)c.1852 Glassary            1876                                                Glassary, WATERSON, Ethel     c.1881                     1907                                                Clydebank GLASS, Elizabeth    c.1890                     1914 Glasgow DICK, Elizabeth     c.1888                     1924                                              Old Kilpatrick SMITH, Sarah Elizabeth or PATERSON            c.1881                     1908 Glasgow FINDLAY, Janet      c.1878                     1901 Glasgow CAMPBELL, Mary        1833 Innishail           1857                                                Inveraray NICOL, Jeannie Somerville                     c.1867 Carstairs           1893 Bonhill                                                Dunbarton INGLIS, Elizabeth                              Inveraray? SHARP, Mary         c.1880                     1914                                                Aberdeen HALLY, Isabella       1839 Inveraray           1858                                                Inveraray MAITLAND, Janet Crawford        1860 Greenock            1885                                                Inveraray PAXTON,Isabella     c.1838                     1876 Glasgow JOHN McNIEL & CHRISTIAN GILMOUR                         Born                     Married CAMPBELL, Ann       c.1847                     1869 Govan                                                McKELLAR                                                Campbell McEWEN, Marion (Mary)                       1823 Eastwood,Renfrew    1855 Glasgow                                                McNIEL                                                McEwen CRAIG, Agnes Flora    1858 Glasgow             1875 Glasgow                                                McNIEL                                                Craig MURRAY, Mary (May)    1876 Saltcoats           1898 Glasgow                                                McNEIL                                                Murray LEWIS, Amelia         1857 Saltcoats           1886 Partick                                                McNIEL                                                Lewis SAUNDERSON, Dorothy   1900 England             1926 Cairo                                                Egypt                                                McNEILL                                                Saunderson DUNCAN GILMOUR & ELIZA WILLARD                         Born                     Married WILLARD, Eliza        1819 Dublin              1844 Dublin TOYNE, Lizzie Blanche 1861 Sheffield           1881                                                Sheffield ROPER, Sarah Lydia    1862                     1889 Leeds MARY GILMOUR & DONALD CLARK                         Born                     Married WALLACE, Jane       c.1895                     1914                                                Edinburgh BRUCE, Bessie       c.1899                     1920                                                Edinburgh                                                WHITE                                                Bruce ANDERSON, Jessie                               1896                                             Port Bannatyne                                                Bute                                                WHITE                                                Anderson GEMMELL, Jessie     c.1847 Largs               1868 Largs                                                CLARK                                                Gemmell MULDOON, Mary Ann                              1890 Boness                                                CLARK                                                Muldoon WHITE, Catherine                               1896 Dunoon                                                CLARK                                                White

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