Campbell DNA project

For those who read about the Campbell DNA project in the March Newsletter – here is more – special thanks to Kevin Campbell for permission to reproduce the spreadsheet and also his comments.

Kevin Campbell - The Campbell DNA project has been underway since October 2002 and was described in the Clan Campbell Society (North America) Journal in Spring 2003 in an article describing the project goals and basics of DNA testing.

1. I am the Campbell DNA administrator at FTDNA. This effort is entirely independent of CCSNA. I'm only the coordinator because I volunteered to do this first. I get absolutely nothing out of this.

2. In my view, FTDNA has somewhat cornered the market on this type of DNA testing. Some of the other testing services are trying to start surname projects, but none has reached critical mass to overcome FTDNA's early market entry.

3. The Campbell project now has 78 participants and is in the top 4% of all projects world-wide.

4. As far as data and websites go – see the following Spreadsheet file. The Campbell DNA Project Website

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The Spreadsheet can be viewed by clicking here.

Additional information in an Adobe Reader format (pdf).