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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
ALEXANDER Glasgow LKS SCT 19th C. Glasgow City
BONE Maybole AYR SCT 1785 - 1800 Maybole
BONE Ayr AYR SCT 19th C. Ayr
BONE Dalry AYR SCT 1815+ Dalry
BONE Glasgow LKS SCT 1890+ Glasgow City
BONE Any ONT CAN 1860+
BOYD Kilmaurs AYR SCT 1780+ Kilmaurs
BOYD Kilbirnie AYR SCT 19th C Kilbirnie
BOYD Greenock RFW SCT 1850+ Greenock
CLARK St Quivox AYR SCT 1800's St. Quivox and Newton-upon-Ayr
CLARK Cambusnethan LKS SCT 1830+ Cambusnethan
CLARK Perth PER SCT 1868 - 1880
CLARK Glasgow LKS SCT 1880+ Glasgow City
EADIE Blackford PER SCT 18th - 19th Century
EADIE Stirling STI SCT 1850+ Stirling
EADIE Leith MLN SCT 1860 - 1870
EADIE Burton-on-Trent STS ENG 1856+
EADIE Glasgow LKS SCT 1870+ Glasgow City
HENDERSON Stirling STI SCT 19th C. Stirling
HOUSTON Kilbirnie AYR SCT 17th - 19th C. Kilbirnie
HOUSTON Glasgow LKS SCT 1850+ Glasgow City
JAMIESON Beith AYR SCT 19th C. Beith
KERR Dalry AYR SCT pre 1820 Dalry
LANG Kilellan, Houston ph. RFW SCT 17th - 18th C. Houston and Killellan
LANG Houston RFW SCT 18th - 19th C. Houston and Killellan