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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
CAMERON Paisley RFW SCT 1740+ Paisley
CAMERON Old Kilpatrick DNB SCT 1770+ Old or West Kilpatrick
CAMERON Milngavie DNB SCT 1830+ New or East Kilpatrick
CURRIE Wilton ROX SCT 1790 - 1815
CURRIE Yarrow SEL SCT 1816 - 1830
CURRIE Peebles PEE SCT 1830+
DEANS Knockando MOR SCT pre 1841
DEANS Shettleston LKS SCT 1841+ Glasgow City
GOLDIE Paisley RFW SCT 1740+ Paisley
HAMILTON Keir DFS SCT pre 1790
HAMILTON Peebles PEE SCT 1820+
PRENTICE Blantyre LKS SCT 1760+ Blantyre
PRENTICE Eastwood RFW SCT 1840+ Eastwood
SMITH(Ellis) Kilmarnock AYR SCT 1760+ Kilmarnock
TAGG SCT 1820+