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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
BRENNAN Buncrana DON IRL c1850
BROOKS Plymouth DEV ENG c1880
CURRIE Eaglesham RFW SCT 1750-1900 Eaglesham
CURRIE Glasgow LKS SCT 1850+ Glasgow City
DAVIDSON Maxton ROX SCT 1800-1900
FORD(E) Glasgow LKS SCT 1850-1900 Glasgow City
FYFE CLK SCT 1820-1900
FYFE Glasgow LKS SCT 1890+ Glasgow City
JARVIE Kirkintilloch DNB SCT 1750-1850 Kirkintilloch
JARVIE Bishopbriggs LKS SCT 1850-1860 Barony
JARVIE Springburn LKS SCT 1860+ Barony
KENNEDY Ballymena ANT IRL 1850-1880
KENNEDY Glasgow LKS SCT 1880+ Glasgow City
SAGE East London LND ENG 1860-1880
SAGE Springburn LKS SCT 1880+ Barony
THOMSON Maxton ROX SCT 1700+
THOMSON Merton BEW SCT 1800-1900
THOMSON Glasgow LKS SCT 1870+ Glasgow City
WALLACE Glasgow LKS SCT 1860+ Glasgow City
WATSON Eaglesham RFW SCT 1820-1850 Eaglesham
WATSON Duntocher DNB SCT 1830-1840 Old or West Kilpatrick
WATSON Glasgow LKS SCT 1850+ Glasgow City
WHELAN Birmingham WAR ENG pre 1900
WILSON Warrenpoint. DOW IRL 1830-1880
WILSON Glasgow LKS SCT 1860+ Glasgow City