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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
HAY Coatbridge, Old Monkland ph. LKS SCT pre 1850 Old Monkland
HAY Bothwell LKS SCT pre 1850 Bothwell
McAULAY Glasgow LKS SCT pre 1850 Glasgow City
McAULAY Condorrat, Cumbernauld ph. DNB SCT pre 1850 Cumbernauld
McQUAKER Colmonell AYR SCT pre 1850 Colmonell
McTAGGART Ardrossan AYR SCT pre 1850 Ardrossan
McTAGGART Tarbert, Clachan, Kilcalmonell ARL SCT pre 1850 Kilberry and Kilcalmonell
RODGER Girvan AYR SCT pre 1850 Girvan
THOMSON Leadhills LKS SCT pre 1850 Crawford and Leadhills
THOMSON Wanlockhead, Sanquhar ph. DFS SCT pre 1850