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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
GILMOUR Dunoon & Kilmun ARL SCT any Dunoon and Kilmun
GILMOUR Inveraray ARL SCT any Inveraray and Glenaray
GILMOUR Glasgow LKS SCT 1850+ Glasgow City
HOGARTH North Bute BUT SCT 1800+ North Bute
LEITCH Glassary ARL SCT pre 1880 Glassary
MACKINLAY Dunoon & Kilmun ARL SCT pre 1780 Dunoon and Kilmun
MacLOUGASS/MacLUCAS Dunoon & Kilmun ARL SCT pre 1750 Dunoon and Kilmun
McKELLER Dunoon & Kilmun ARL SCT pre 1800 Dunoon and Kilmun
McNEIL Dunoon & Kilmun ARL SCT 1800+ Dunoon and Kilmun
McVICAR Inveraray ARL SCT pre 1810 Inveraray and Glenaray
MUNRO Glassary ARL SCT pre 1830 Glassary
WHITE Kilfinan ARL SCT 1800+ Kilfinan
WILLARD Dublin DUB IRE pre 1820