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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
BINNIE Ratho MLN SCT 1800+
BYRNE Cumbernauld DNB SCT 1900s Cumbernauld
LEITCH Edinburgh MLN SCT 1875+
LEITCH Glasgow LKS SCT 1800+ Glasgow City
LEITCH Bo'ness WLN SCT 1870+
LEITCH Derby DBY ENG 1890+
MILLAR Whitburn WLN SCT 1950+
MITCHELL Edinburgh MLN SCT 1800+
ROGEN Glasgow LKS SCT 1860+ Glasgow City
SANDS Ballymena ANT IRL pre 1875
SANDS Glasgow LKS SCT 1875+ Glasgow City
SCHLOMKA Glasgow LKS SCT 1870 - 1990 Glasgow City
TAYLOR All All USA 1880+
TAYLOR Cumbernauld DNB SCT 1893 - 1910 Cumbernauld
TAYLOR Stoney Stanton LEI ENG All
TAYLOR All All AUS 1880+
WILSON Haddington ELN SCT 1840+
WILSON Borthwick MLN SCT 1840+
WILSON Inveresk ELN SCT 1800s
WILSON Glasgow LKS SCT 1900+ Glasgow City
WILSON Edinburgh MLN SCT 1865+