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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
ADAMS Fetteresso KCD SCT c1850
ADAMS Fourdoun KCD SCT 1800 - 1850
ALLAN Bothwell LKS SCT 1800 Bothwell
FIMISTER Brechin ANS SCT 1800 - 1850
FLEMING Hamilton LKS SCT 1840s Hamilton
FLEMING Carmunnock LKS SCT c1800 Carmunnock
GALLOWAY Glasgow LKS SCT 1800s Glasgow City
GALLOWAY Govan LKS SCT 1900s Govan
GALLOWAY Oban, Kilmore & Kilbride ph. ARL SCT c1800 Kilmore and Kilbride
HUTCHESON Greenock RFW SCT 1800 - 1850 Greenock
KERR Crieff PER SCT 1890s
KERR Glasgow LKS SCT 1800s Glasgow City
LYALL Glasgow LKS SCT 1850 - 1905 Glasgow City
LYALL Fettercairn KCD SCT 1800 - 1875
LYALL Fourdoun KCD SCT c1800
McCALLUM Glasgow LKS SCT 1875 - 1900 Glasgow City
McCALLUM Arrochar DNB SCT 1800 - 1875 Arrochar
McFARLANE Row DNB SCT Pre 1825 Row
McWHINNIE Row DNB SCT 1800 - 1850 Row
MITCHELL Glasgow LKS SCT Mid 1800s Glasgow City
NEWLANDS Cramond MLN SCT 1870s
NEWLANDS Keith BAN SCT 1800 - 1870
PTOLEMY Greenock RFW SCT Pre 1850 Greenock
ROBBIE Fettercairn KCD SCT 1800 - 1820
ROBBIE Aberdeen ABD SCT 1750 - 1800