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Surname Place County Country Period Parish
BEATON Contin ROC SCT 1800s
BISSET(T) Killearnan ROC SCT 1800s
BROWN Lesmahagow LKS SCT 1800s Lesmahagow
BROWN Dunsyre LKS SCT c 1780 Dunsyre
BRYCE Inverarity ANS SCT c 1780
DARLING Lesmahagow LKS SCT All Lesmahagow
DARLING Carmichael LKS SCT All Carmichael
DAVIDSON Cockpen MLN SCT 1750+
DAVIDSON Newbattle MLN SCT 1750+
DINGWALL Edderton ROC SCT 1780+
GIBB Cramond/ Colinton MLN SCT 1800s
GRAY Logie Pert ANS SCT c 1800
HAIG Cockpen MLN SCT c 1750
HOGG Carrington MLN SCT 1750+
LYALL Dundee ANS SCT 1800s
MATHESON Edderton ROC SCT c 1780
McDONALD Kiltearn ROC SCT 1800s
McVICAR Forth, Carnwath ph. LKS SCT 1850+ Carnwath
McVICKER Forth, Carnwath ph. LKS SCT 1850+ Carnwath
MUNRO Kiltearn ROC SCT 1800+
PORTER Glasgow LKS SCT c 1780 Glasgow City
RAMSEY Dunsyre LKS SCT 1800s Dunsyre
RAMSEY Walston LKS SCT 1800s Walston
SIMPSON Libberton MLN SCT c 1800